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The Health Place, a satellite of James Madison University’s Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services

The Health Place located in Stanley, Virginia provides an excellent opportunity for health professions students from James Madison University and other institutions of higher learning to contribute to the Page County community while meeting academic requirements.

The Health Place, a satellite of JMU’s Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services, engages students in career preparation by promoting scholarship, providing interprofessional learning experiences, and connecting our campus with communities through innovative programs that advance quality of life.

Website: http://www.iihhs.jmu.edu

Counseling and Psychological Services Clinic (CAPS)

The CAPS Clinic is a teaching, service, and research clinic that is dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing by providing behavioral health services. CAPS offers affordable outpatient mental health services to our community while providing graduate students in psychology experience in assessment and treatment for a variety of mental health issues. The CAPS Clinic provides individual, couple, and family counseling as well as psychological assessment, testing, and consultation.

Kelly Atwood, PsyD., Director

Please call (540) 568-1735 for more information or to make an appointment. CAPS clinicians see clients on Fridays at The Health Place. 

Healthy Families Page County

Healthy Families Page County (HFPC) is dedicated to developing, supporting, and empowering first-time families by providing systematic, early identification of families in need of support, and offering in-home services. All services are voluntary and free to residents of Page County. Healthy Families Page County strives to provide consistent and ongoing support to ALL new parents so that they can give their children a healthy and safe start in life. HFPC believes every parent wants to be the best parent they can be; yet parenting is the hardest and most important job anyone can ever have. Through collaboration with other community groups and agencies, HFPC helps parents find the right support and guidance to meet their individual needs.

For more information, please call:

Yvonne Frazier, Program Manager, Healthy Families Page County (540) 778-4061

REACH (Rural Engagement and Capacity-building Hub)

The Rural Engagement and Capacity-building Hub (REACH) collaborates with agencies, students, faculty, institutions and rural community members to address community-identified needs for improving health and overall quality of life. Because of its rural focus, REACH operates out of IIHHS’s satellite location, The Health Place in Stanley, VA. REACH works with the Page County communities to understand, and collaboratively address such issues as mental health, substance use, transportation, housing and childcare needs. The REACH vision is to facilitate rural-led partnerships to promote community well-being by building on established projects and partnerships involving JMU faculty and staff. Overtime, REACH envisions serving as a connection point and resource for community organizations, universities, and others across the state to address the unique barriers to improving health and overall quality of life in rural communities.

For more information on REACH, please contact the REACH Coordinator at jmuREACH22851@gmail.com