photo of two students and a child taking a walk outdoors


“[Precious Time] fosters understanding on all different sides—it has helped me understand nursing students, so that I can be more compassionate with the nurses I come across. It helps them to cultivate understanding for not just a person with special needs, but the family, the caregiver. All around it cultivates understanding and empathy.”

“The respite care we received through Precious Time was such a blessing to all of us. I knew [our child] was safe, happy, and enjoying activities with the nursing students. Normally our life is complete chaos as we try to juggle things that must be done, find time for our son, and deal with the need for constant supervision of our daughter.”

“[With respite] I can finally get some housework done or catch up on work (I'm a teacher). It significantly reduces my stress level. I feel like I can actually relax and not feel guilty once I put her to bed and I don't feel overwhelmed looking at my messy household knowing I actually organized something. Once I even got to call my mom and really talk to her.”


“Personally and professionally, I think I developed a greater sense of understanding and respect for the way having an illness or special health need impacts the entire family unit.”

““[The child] has shown me that there is so much more to a person than their diagnosis. Going into this clinical with initial biases about the abilities of children with disabilities, I was able to learn more than I ever thought that I could from a four year old.”

“I believe that I am one step closer to becoming an amazing nurse because of this experience. I have become more open-minded and empathetic, which is crucial for being a nurse. These qualities will make me a better healthcare professional and ensure that my patients obtain the best care possible.”